I was asked to write a short story about my ascent from poverty that would be a part of a book written by several that had come from poverty to make their way in the world, this is my story.

First Sergeant at 169th SIG CO in Korea contributed by the author

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. — George Herman “Babe” Ruth

I was asked to write a short story about my ascent from poverty that would be a part of a book written by several that had come from poverty to make their way in the world, this is my story.

No matter what misery life hands you, handle it! Never give up, for you never know what lies around the corner.

I was born in a one-room, converted garage in West Old Town, Maine. …


I never felt safer or more loved than in my Nana’s kitchen. Also, I never went hungry.

Plated bread pudding with topping.
Image by Digna Cassens from Pixabay

The Rules Are Simple:

When you accept the challenge, you must tag who you received it from and add/tag others. I received the challenge from Ana Ryan. Look for my tags at the end. Copy the subtitles and share your own experiences. It’s that easy, and kind of fun!

We tend to put a monetary “value” on everything or use money as a yardstick. I remember my first article for Yahoo contributor paid $14. You would have thought I wrote a Pulitzer.

The amount didn’t matter. Yahoo also paid a per view stipend, so it could have meant a residual income, but they dropped the program a few months later.

I wrote for Textbroker at around $3 to $5 per article. Longer articles meant more money! On a typical day, I made $25 or $30, though I had rare days when I made over $200.

I have had two…


The Global War on Terrorism has enlightened the world to the problem of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but it is not just a combat Veterans’ disorder.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

As a First Sergeant in the US Army with 28 years of service, I witnessed many PTSD incidents both diagnosed and suspected.

Leaders at all levels, military and civilian, should avoid making diagnoses about PTSD without consulting medical personnel. Even experienced medical personnel find it challenging to diagnose accurately.

I remember one such first-line supervisor I had to correct because he told me one of his Soldiers was faking PTSD to get out of work. He said, “He’s full of shit, First Sergeant, he probably never even saw combat.”

He was shocked to learn that not all PTSD is combat-related…


If you’re thinking you won’t like it because you don’t like manga, put that out of your mind. This is excellent!

Alice in Borderland Collage Created by the Author

NOTE: I guess we should get the warnings out of the way. If you have a weak heart, you should probably choose another series. Likewise, there are some scenes with sexual overtones, though no full nudity. However, it is for mature audiences as there is plenty of blood and violence.

AiB is a Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Haro Aso. The series was brought to Netflix in live-action.

In the eight, roughly 42-minute episodes, near Tokyo, three high school kids bored with life are transported to an alternate universe (best guess by the participants).

The three are recklessly…


A friend asked me which crypto we had. We have several. We started with BTC, but now it’s mostly XRP. Although we speculate on several smaller coins.

Cryptocurrency coins
Photo by Art Rachen on Unsplash

We have 652,000 DENT, some Theta, BTT, T-Fuel, Mana, 1Inch, ENJ, WIN, V-Chain, AXS, etc.

I bought DENT because Tom Handy said something like, “Accumulate one million DENT, and if it gets to $1 per coin, you’re a millionaire.”

When I read that, I thought, that makes sense, so I started buying $100 worth of DENT per month.

It’s at .004769, less than half a penny. We still need 348,000 before we reach one million, but I’m not sure we will stop buying it even then. I guess it depends on the market conditions and its price.

“Dent is down…


It was a crisp, lovely morning in early October in Augusta, Georgia. Joe and I met for breakfast at Denny’s and a full day of golf at the Augusta National Golf Course — The Masters.

The Masters — Augusta National Ryan Schreiber — Flickr

We used to play golf twice a month when we were both stationed at Fort Gordon, GA but not at the Augusta National, neither of us were members then. He was an investigative reporter with the Fort Gordon Public Affairs Office (PAO).

A Little Background about Us & Our Friendship

We met here in ’97 when we went to the Advanced Non-commissioned Officer Course (ANCOC) together. He was a great guy, popular, and always surrounded by women. The life of the party, and many would say he looked like a movie star.

We met again in 2005. We were next-door neighbors, living side-by-side in a duplex in Martinez…


I could have given this 5-stars without feeling guilty about overpraising it.

Amazon Cover

However, I think too many look at a 5-star rating as BS; and, therefore, do not read the review. Usually, when a first-time novel gets a 5-star rating it is from friends or family. So, here’s my 4-star rating.

I was pleasantly surprised with Jim Woods’ first novel. I have read many of Jim’s articles on Medium, and although I found his writing inspiring and well-written, I have often read books by Medium writers who can’t pull it all together to make a splash with a book. It isn’t easy.

However, Jim’s dialogue was genuinely realistic. BTW, if you have…


Tom Brady did what Tom Brady does on Thursday night. It was the Bucs 31, the Cowboys 29.

Before I get into the fastest one-minute in NFL football, just a couple of things. Is there another linebacker that looks more natural in a Raiders uniform than “Mad” Maxx Crosby?

Can you believe Chandler Jones had 5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles in a game for AZ?

There were several upsets; let’s look at those first.

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

The Steelers upset the Bills, 23–16.

The Eagles ground the Falcons, 32–6.

The Bengals beat the Vikings, 27–24.

The Saints slap the Packers, 38–3.

The Texans upset the Jags, 37–21.

The Cards strip-sack the Titans, 38–13.

The Dolphins upset the Patriots, 17–16.



John Singson brings Logan Paul to meet Manny Pacquiao at the Wild Card gym. If you are not familiar with the Singson name yet, you will be soon, I guarantee it.

Logan Paul with John Singson, Manny Paquiao, and Sean Gibbons at Wild Card gym.
Logan Paul, John Singson, Manny Paquiao, and Sean Gibbons at Wild Card gym. Contributed by John Singson

From right to left above are Logan Paul, Manny Pacquiao, Sean Gibbons, and John Singson. Sean Gibbons is the President of MP Promotions (MP stands for Manny Pacquiao).

First, let’s take a look at John’s background. Then, we’ll get into the day with Manny Pacquiao and Logan Paul, the YouTube personality with over 26 million followers who fought with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition bout in Florida back in June.

John Singson’s Family Background in the Philippines

Although many Americans are not as familiar with Singson, the name is synonymous with wealth and power in the Philippines.

His grandfather, Luis Crisologo “Chavit” Singson, is a political…

Stephen Dalton

Stephen Dalton is a retired US Army First Sergeant with a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland. Top Writer in VR, Short Story, and Creativity!

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