A Book Review & Recommendation: Sleeping Beauties

If you are looking for an out-of-this-world experience, this is it. Sleeping Beauties is an epic tale about a global pandemic that infects only women.

Stephen Dalton
7 min readMar 24, 2022


Sleeping Beauties Goodreads Choice Awards Winner 2017 — Goodreads Screenshot by the author.


Sleeping Beauties, written by Stephen and Owen King, is a full-length drama (702 pages), a thrilling, action-packed, blood and guts fantasy novel first published and released in September 2017 by Scribner Publishers.

This high-stakes story triggers the question — Are women better off without men? Of course, in a perfect scenario where there are no men, the human race would die off eventually.

However, in this story, some women were already pregnant when they fell asleep — they woke up in an alternate universe similar to where they fell asleep but without any men. This scenario gives humankind some hope. Whereas men who remain in the real world have no such hope.

What’s intriguing about this scenario is that supposedly women will raise the men from babies without any influence from men except those born in this alternate universe.

It took a while to get into it, but there was no turning back and no slowing down once I did. So unbelievable, yet totally believable at the same time. I just had to keep turning pages until it was done to find out what was next.

Sleeping Beauties — Amazon Cover.


This pandemic condition affects women who fall asleep, and when they doze off, thread-like fungus swaddles them into a cocoon-like structure. If the cocoon is not interfered with, the woman continues to live peacefully inside the cocoon. However, if the cocoon is disturbed, the woman wakes up and what follows is a wild reaction like a feral animal. These awakened women are super-human and will punch, kick, and bite the throat, face, or whatever body part is handy and then go back to sleep as if nothing happened.



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