A Virtual Reality Workout to Start or End Your Day

The need to exercise at home has become inevitable for the last few months courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. Get it done with more fun using Virtual Reality.

Stephen Dalton
3 min readMay 29, 2020


A man with a Virtual Reality headset and controller concentrating on the game.
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Getting a workout at home is easier said than done. This is especially so considering the limited resources to perform your exercises at home. You need to have something that keeps you going.

While most home fitness enthusiasts have, up until recently, relied on such essentials as music tapes and videos, the world is now shifting to the awe that is Virtual Reality (VR).

Unless you have been living under a rock, you had to have noticed the new wave that is VR in gaming, recreation, and fitness.

With VR home workouts, you would not need to include a ton of equipment to achieve your goals. The best thing about VR fitness is the fact that you can always find a title that fits your training plan. With a myriad of fitness games at your disposal, you have no excuse not to keep in shape during these unusual times.

VR Games for the Assist!

Speaking of games, the following are some of the notable VR games that can help you achieve your home training goals. Visit the Play Station Store and the Oculus Quest Experiences Store to find a VR game subscription that fits your family. Many of the prices are cheaper with a subscription.

Audio Trip — This is perhaps one of the best titles for dancers. What’s more, you get the best leg training in the process as you work to evade the barriers. This game is insanely challenging, and you will need to step it up to keep up and get the high scores.

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