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Two Million Words Later, I am still Writing

I just went over two million words checked on Grammarly. My total is 2,047,559 words reviewed by Grammarly since Jun 02, 2016 (62,319 last week).

It’s actually much more than two million; I started freelance writing in 2012. I didn’t keep track then. I really did not think it would last. I wasn’t even sure I could make any money doing it.

Considering the average novel page contains about 500 words and Gone with the Wind was 1,460 pages, I could have written three full-length novels that size in those three-plus years.

Experts say Martha Mitchell made much more writing articles, news stories, and book reviews than she ever did from her award-winning novel. It is, however, doubtful she would have made it into the Writers Hall of Fame for her articles.

What’s more, I have written every week for 72 weeks and used 4,870 unique words out of those 62,319 I wrote last week.

Now, please do not take this the wrong way; those are not words people have to look up while reading my articles, blogs, and product descriptions. Using big words does not make your writing more interesting; sometimes, it makes it look as if you are trying too hard. We should all try to make our writing flow better.

The Thesaurus

I use the Thesaurus to find another word for those I repeatedly use throughout my text. Usually, is one of those. Therefore, I usually get another like normally, generally, frequently, and others.

Likewise, I change the word provide to permit, give, or another. This change from repeated words allows the reader to skim through the text quickly without getting bored from repetition.

We should all attempt to get away from unnecessary words such as that, then, big, and others, which are probably the most overused written words. Although we use these frequently when we talk, you generally do not need these in verse.



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