Whale Watching Anyone?

This summer, take a chartered whale watching tour, visit the coastal botanical gardens, shop at LL Beans, lay or play on the beach, and much more in Maine.

Whale Watching by Timothy Smithers from Pexels

Maine is the northeastern-most state in the USA and lies in New England, surrounded by Canada, the Atlantic Ocean, and New Hampshire.

Whale watching!

At the top of any family’s list should be whale watching. Have you ever watched a whale rise out of the water and splash half the world when it comes down? If you have the time and opportunity, it’s just a short ride from Bangor, Maine.

Your family will remember forever the majestic marine mammals who call the Maine coastline their home. Book a cruise for whale-watching. You’re apt to see humpbacks, minke, pilot, and finback whales on almost any day trip out to their feeding waters, though orcas and sperm whales are a rare sighting.

Photo by corina ardeleanu on Unsplash

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

If you’re anywhere around Boothbay this summer, you must take the time to visit these enchanting gardens. The gardens open from 1 May until 17 October. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and bug spray. Bring your camera, water bottle, face mask, and your manners.

General admission is $22, Veterans and Seniors are $18, children 3 to 17 are $10, a family of four is $55, while children three or under and active duty military are free.

Call (207) 633–8000 to make sure they will be open for your visit.

Photo by Robert Nelson on Unsplash

Shop Freeport, Maine

Besides the arts, crafts, old New England style, and plenty of restaurants featuring your favorite seafood plates and more, it is New England’s favorite shopping trip. Now, you might be thinking, “Yeah right, I’ve never even heard of Freeport.” That is until I mention one brand name — L. L. Bean, then you’ll understand.

There’s even a convenient RV parking lot on Depot Street. Visit the official Freeport website to plan day trips to museums, like the Maine Maritime Museum, boat tours, and historic tours like the Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum. In case you’re unfamiliar with Chamberlain, he was the hero of Little Round Top in the Gettysburg Civil War battle.

Old Orchard Beach Photo by Patrick Lalonde on Unsplash

Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach cannot be compared to other amusement parks on the beach — when you consider Coney Island, NY, Atlantic City, NJ, Virginia Beach, Hilton Head, and others, they’re just too big to be fun.

Old Orchard Beach offers that those big amusement parks can’t, and that is down home friendliness unmatched anywhere.

Check out my News Break article, Family fun things to do in Old Orchard Beach this summer, for “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey was fond of saying.

Go crazy at Perry’s Nut House

OMG, just about anything you are looking for (and some things you’re not) is here at Perry’s Nut House. You can find such oddities as fake dog poo, whoopie cushions, and stink bombs. I remember coming here as a kid. I was amazed at all the exhibits and things for sale.

Love fudge? Many say Perry’s is the best. You can even get a sample just after passing APE-RAHAM, the gorilla, who was recently restored or restuffed?

It’s usually open every day from 10 am to 5 pm, but they do have off-season hours, so call ahead to make sure they will be open. Also, it’s only five minutes from Young’s Lobster Pound on Fairview St., so give them a call too. “Kill two birds…” with one trip. You can’t possibly go to Maine and not have lobster. People just don’t do that unless they have a shell food allergy.

What’s so special about Young’s, you might wonder. You can choose what seafood delicacies you want at this dockside restaurant, tell them how you want it done, take a seat with your favorite drink, and wait for it while you watch the boats coming and going on the Belfast Bay.

Screenshot of Google Maps Search Results

Screenshot by the author. From Bangor to Perry’s Nut House in Belfast is about 48 minutes.

Although they show various routes on Google Maps, I would suggest US Route 1, check out this video to see why.

Driving along Historic US Route 1 — Maine

Seek Adventure Now uploaded this video to YouTube. They say, “We explore historic US Route 1 along the northeast up to Bar Harbor, Maine. Stopping along the way at Pemaquid Point and Doubling Point Lighthouse!! We also of course stopped at Foundation Brewery and Allagash Brewery to grab some drinks!!”

There are so many lighthouses in Maine; you have to see Pemaquid and Portland Head Lighthouse, though.

Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash

Visit Camden — Maine’s “Peyton Place”

This quaint little New England town about an hour and fifteen minutes south of Bangor, ME, has been the setting for almost 20 Hollywood movies, TV series, and documentaries. Starting with Carousel in 1956 and then Peyton Place in 1957, it has also been featured in many short films and Stephen King classics like Thinner.

The reason it is so famous for films and TV series is that it has exquisite restaurants, cute seaside boutiques, magnificent mansions, and seaside cabins.

What’s more, you can rent or charter a boat, hike up Mount Megunticook, or Mount Battle for lovely views, especially in the fall for fabulous foliage photographs.

Peyton Place Trailer

Muirmaiden uploaded this trailer of the 1957 hit Peyton Place to YouTube.

Final thoughts

If you’re from Maine or plan on visiting Maine this summer, I would highly recommend you get to go whale watching, visit Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Camden, Perry’s Nut House, and Old Orchard Beach while you are here.

Maine — “The Way Life Should Be.”

About the Author Photo by Jean Springs from Pexels

Stephen Dalton is a retired US Army First Sergeant with a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland and a Certified US English Chicago Manual of Style Editor. Top Writer in Fiction, Transportation, VR, NFL, Design, Creativity, and Short Story.

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Stephen Dalton is a retired US Army First Sergeant with a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland. Top Writer in VR, Short Story, and Creativity!

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